Film being shot near Montreal focuses on missing and murdered Indigenous women

Film being shot near Montreal focuses on missing and murdered Indigenous women

“Rustic Oracle” is a film being shot in Kanesatake and Oka this summer.

It’s a fictional story about a missing indigenous girl and her family’s quest to find her.

That movie plot is a reality for thousands of families across Canada.

The film’s director wanted to portray a family experiencing that struggle.

“It has become such a big social issue that we’ve lost touch with the actual people that have lived it,” said Sonia Bonspille Boileau.

The film’s cast is primarily Mohawk.

It’s set in Oka and Kanestake in the late ’90s, before law enforcement recognized the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Carmen Moore, who plays the mother of the missing girl, said the film is very relatable to families who have gone through the ordeal.

“There are so many of these mothers out there experiencing exactly what this character is going through in this movie,” she said. “To represent all of them and their struggle and their frustration and their journey and their grief and their anger and their sadness was important.”

The issue is one that spans generations.

Eight-year old Lake Delisle plays the missing girl’s sister, and was hit emotionally by the script.

“It’s sad because I have a brother and I just think about [how] if he goes missing, how sad I would be, so I just think of that while I’m doing it.”

Bonspille’s goal with the film is to provide a lense for others to understand the problem that has spanned decades.

“If I can touch just a handful of people with this subject, maybe that will allow them to understand more and want to learn more,” she said.

Source: CTV Montreal
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