Five things you should know about reporting a missing person

Five things you should know about reporting a missing person

1. There is no waiting period
Contact the police as soon as there is “a reasonable concern” for someone’s safety, That’s when the trail is hottest, you have people recognizing the face right away, memories are best for what people were wearing, how they were acting, who they were with. The sooner you can report a person missing, the better.

2. You don’t have to be a family member to call police about someone who is missing
Anyone who knows a person well enough to be concerned about a break from that person’s regular routine can file a missing persons report.

3. You can call police in the place the missing person was from, or where they were last seen
You can report a missing person to your local police service and they will share the files with the appropriate jurisdiction.

4. Police use various risk assessment tools
The criteria for what constitutes a person being at risk is different in different regions. Being very young or very old are generally considered risk factors for missing persons and police often treat their cases with more urgency.

5. Adults are allowed to willfully go missing
It’s usually relatively easy for police to find a person who is “missing on purpose”, so it is not a tax on police resources for you to file a missing persons report if you are concerned.— if you’re worried about them, report them missing.

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